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The Police Department also has a crime analyst, who works primarily with detectives to research intelligence information and police reports to recognize crime trends and patterns.  This helps us to anticipate crimes and take appropriate action.  

Annual Reports

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Arrest Records

For arrest information that is accurate up to the day, visit this page, and run a query by any given date for arrests by the Gulfport Police Department:

Commonly Used Forms

Traffic crash report request (this link will open via the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office website)

Loud music complaint form

Block Party Registration

Crime statistics:

The link below will allow users to map offenses in Gulfport. Click on the map to search by location and crime type for a specific date range.

The police records section houses and maintains all reports, including offenses, arrests, incidents, traffic crashes, and others.  Additionally, records personnel are responsible for sending Gulfport's crime  data to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for routing to the FBI. 

Access to records is governed by the Florida Public Records Law, which specifies information that is publicly available. Click here for a detailed list of procedures and fees.  If you are seeking a crash report less than 60 days old, you must submit this notarized affidavit along with your request.  For more information, please contact the records section Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at (727) 893-1041
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