Insignia and Awards
Shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001, Chief
G. Curt Willocks ordered all uniformed officers to 
wear this emblem proclaiming that "we will never 
forget."  This insignia is still a part of our uniform 
today, and it is worn above all other medals above 
the right breast pocket.

Time in Service
To recognize time in service, officers wear a "serving
since" bar under their name plate above the right 
breast pocket.  In addition, hash marks on the sleeve 
of the class-A dress uniform each represent three 
years of service with the Gulfport Police Department.

Because the Gulfport Police Department is 
accredited by the Commission for Florida Law 
Enforcement Accreditation, all members wear the 
designating emblem on the left breast pocket flap.

Florida Police Chiefs Association

The badge

The police badge represents many things.  Early knights carried shields with emblems 
respective of their dedication to service of their kingdoms.  The shield became a symbol of 
their primary mission--to protect the innocent.  Today, that tradition carries on, although in a 
more manageable package.

Those who wear the badge of the Gulfport Police Department have proven through a highly-
selective screening process that they deserve the honor associated with such a symbol.  
The men and women working in our community take great pride in this badge and all that it 

The overall shape remains that of a shield, but it bears a wreath representative of 
compassion and an eagle indicating strength and courage.  The seal of the State of Florida 
sits amidst the blue enameled ribbons designating the wearer as a police officer, detective,
sergeant, lieutenant, or chief.  The badge and all other insignia for police officers and 
detectives is silver.  Once promoted to the rank of sergeant, the badge and insignia are 
colored gold.
The Chief of Police is the executive director
and commander of all police resources.  The
rank is designated with insignia consisting of 
two gold stars worn on the shoulder epaulet.

There are two lieutenants who report directly to the chief of police. One is the operations commander, and the other is the commander of professional standards. Either may be called upon to serve in the absence of the chief of police.The rank is designated with insignia consisting of a single gold bar worn on the shoulder epaulet.

Sergeants lead the various operational units
of the police department.  Four of them supervise
patrol squads, one leads the investigative unit,
and another coordinates the policy compliance
functions of the office of the chief.  The rank is
designated with insignia consisting of three 
gold chevrons worn on the uniform sleeve.
Congressional Badge of Bravery
Awarded by the U.S. Attorney General to a federal, state, local, or tribal law enforcement officer nominated by his or her agency head, who:

Medal of Valor
Recognition by the department for an act 
or series of acts of bravery or valor in the 
face of extreme personal danger in the
performance of duty. 

Officer/Employee of the Year
Designation by the department for a single
individual for significant contributions to the 
mission of the department during the past year.

Lifesaving Medal
Recognition by the department for an act which 
is determined to have significantly contributed 
to saving the life of another.

Purple Heart
Recognition by the department for incurring 
bodily injury as a result of a hostile act by an 
offender.  To qualify for this award, the member 
must be acting in the lawful performance of his 
or her duty, and the injury should be serious 
enough to warrant medical treatment.

Meritorious Service Award
Recognition by the department for a series of acts 
or continuous service that exemplifies outstanding
performance of one's duty.  This is differentiated
from a Commendation in that this award recognizes
longer-term projects consisting of individual acts 
that may not rise to the level of a commendation, but
exemplify outstanding performance when taken as a

Community Service Award
Recognition by the department for outstanding effort
on the part of an employee for community service in
the City of Gulfport, such as repeated interaction with
citizen's or neighborhood groups to solve problems,
working with youth, the disabled, or the elderly to
improve the quality of life.

Recognition by the department for an act that
exemplifies outstanding performance of one’s duty.
Safe Driving Award
Recognition by the Department for 3, 5 and 10 
years of driving without the occurrence of  a 
preventable motor vehicle crash.

Master's Degree
Recognition for earning a master's degree from a
regionally-accredited college or university.

Bachelor's Degree
Recognition for earning a bachelor's degree from a
regionally-accredited college or university.  Even though 
it is not required for selection, over one third of our
officers have earned this achievement.

Military Service
Recognition for members who are currently assigned
to a reserve or National Guard component of one of 
the armed forces, or those who have been honorably 
discharged from one of the armed services after 
completion of at least two years of service.

FBI National Academy
Recognition for members who have graduated from 
the FBI National Academy

Law Enforcement Instructor
Recognition for members who have been certified by 
the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training 
Commission to instruct general law enforcement 
subjects at a certified training center.

Advanced Certification
Recognition of certification for traffic homicide, 
breath test operator, accreditation management, 
crime prevention practitioner, or selected 
investigation certification such as homicide, sex 
offenses, etc. as determined by the chief of police.

Field Training Officer
Recognition for members currently serving as field 
training officers or field training supervisors.  These 
personnel are responsible for the initial training of new 

Marine Patrol Officer
Recognition for officers currently certified and actively 
involved in marine patrol.

School Resource Officer
Recognition for officers who have either completed a 40-
hour School Resource Officer course or who are currently
serving as school resource officers.

Tactical Unit Member
Recognition for officers currently serving as active
members on the agency's Special Enforcement Team.
Click the medal for list of award recipients
Click the medal for list of award recipients
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