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St. Petersburg, FL - Chief Robert Vincent will present Gulfport's Officer of the Year medal to Officer Tiffany Ashcom tomorrow evening at a banquet hosted by St. Petersburg Elks Lodge # 1224. 

Each December, the command staff recognizes the officer, member, or unit who has made the most significant contributions to the mission of the department during the preceding year. 

In 2011, Officer Ashcom led the agency in arrests, traffic citations, and field interview reports. These activities were routinely focused toward efforts at resolving particular problems in her assigned area of responsibility. 

Officer Ashcom also sought out training opportunities and followed through to obtain advanced certifications in the field of traffic enforcement, including RADAR/LIDAR speed measurement, and breath-test operator. She has now become a leader and advisor to others in these areas.

Impressive as it is, the work product itself if not the most noteworthy aspect of this example of committed professionalism. The astounding part is that, in 2011, Officer Ashcom completed her very first year on the job! This level of competent and effective productivity is not often associated with rookies, and we are proud that Tiffany Ashcom has shown us that need not always be the case.

Officer Ashcom will also be recognized by the Gulfport City Council at their regular meeting on March 6th.

More information on the Officer/Member of the Year medal, can be found here:

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