Lt. Robert Vincent
Public Information Officer

2/1/2009  Kin of Police Shooting Suspect Arrested

GULFPORT, FL – Police responded to a 911 hangup Sunday afternoon and ended up arresting Carl Seay (50).  Seay is the uncle of James Seay, who was recently charged with armed robbery and attempted murder of a St. Petersburg police detective.

At 1:42 PM, Officers Danyelle Madsen and Peter Horning were dispatched to a 911 hangup call at 4926 10th Avenue South.  Madsen heard screaming coming from within the residence--a woman yelling , "get off me" and "help me."  The officers knocked and announced their presence, but the commotion continued.  Fearing that somebody would be hurt if they did not intervene, officers made forced entry by kicking open the locked door.

They interrupted a violent domestic dispute in which Seay had battered his live-in girlfriend.  The investigation showed that Seay hit her in the face, ripped the extensions out of her hair, and pulled her earrings out during the altercation.  He also threatened to kill her if she tried to leave the house, and he pulled the phone cord from the wall while she was making the 911 call.

Seay has been charged with domestic battery (a felony due to prior convictions), false imprisonment, and depriving another person of the use of 911.

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