Lt. Robert Vincent
Public Information Officer


Two Arrested for Using Heroin Near School

Responding to an anonymous tip, Officer Jason Motte discovered a man and woman using heroin in a parking lot adjacent to the Gulfport Elementary School. 

At 8:45 AM Thursday morning, police received a call from an unidentified person who said that several people had approached the car, a 2002 BMW 325, which had been sitting in the parking lot at McDonald’s.  As Officer Motte approached, he saw Heather Lynn Hale (31) put something in her mouth and then shove hypodermic needles down her pants.  Later, both Hale and the driver of the vehicle—Mayur Patel (31) admitted that they were using heroin.  They denied selling it to anybody, and they said that they did not realize they were parked next to a school.

Both Hale and Patel have been arrested and charged with possession of heroin within 1,000 feet of a school.  Hale has also been charged with tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia.  Because it was being used in conjunction with the offense, police will initiate forfeiture proceedings on the vehicle, which may be worth up to $10,000.

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