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Robert A. Vincent                 Thomas Woodman
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Emergency Notification’s from the City of Gulfport, FL

The City of Gulfport, FL is utilizing a new service through the Gulfport Police Department called the First Call Emergency Notification System. In the event of an emergency, Firstcall immediately delivers emergency alerts to first responders, citizens and the Emergency Operations Center staff within seconds. 

“This is a great opportunity for the citizens of Gulfport to be informed of any pending emergencies through the use of land line phones, text messages, and email,” commented Gulfport Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Thomas Woodman. 

For those who do not have internet, The Gulfport Public Library will offer assistance in signing up people for this very useful notification system. “We have several computers here for the public and this would be a great way to get Gulfport citizens on board with important notifications,” stated Library Director, Dave Mather

To register for this notification service, please visit