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7/13/2010  Community Survey Distributed This Week

Gulfport, – When he was appointed to the office in February, Chief Robert Vincent made it clear he was going to have his officers police the community the way the people wanted it to be policed. One of his objectives was to actively solicit the opinions of those who use or benefit from police services, including residents, business owners, workers, and visitors in Gulfport.

Since then, the chief and his staff have been developing a community survey for just that purpose. After consulting the University of South Florida Criminology Department, they have come up with a survey designed to collect information that can be analyzed to make accurate judgments on public perceptions. Questions seek input on a large range of topics, from prioritizing crime problems to identifying shortfalls in service. There is even a section for respondents to write in their own suggestions.

The police department will be mailing 7500 surveys next Monday (to all residential and commercial addresses in the city), and they have put a link to an online version on their website. Surveys will also be available in the police department lobby and other government buildings throughout town.

To participate in the online survey, please visit