Sgt. Robert Burkhart
Public Information Officer

7/22/2011 Naked, Intoxicated Men Arrested Following Spree of Vandalism

[Gulfport, FL] – Gregory Reynolds and Wyly Weeks (both 22 years old), were arrested in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 20th when police found them walking naked across Gulfport Blvd. The two claimed they were walking home from O'Maddy's bar on Gulfport beach, and they thought it might be funny to do so without any clothes on.

After the two were transported to the jail, police started to receive several calls from residents complaining of damaged property. All of the calls were along the route that Reynolds and Weeks had walked, and over the next couple of days, officers confirmed their involvement by checking video surveillance footage from businesses in the area. In all, the two men committed over a thousand dollars' worth of damage to fences, mailboxes, and windows on cars and buildings. Their crimes victimized thirteen different people over a span of approximately thirty minutes, mostly along Beach Blvd. in the downtown waterfront area.

Reynolds remained in jail on the previous charges, but Weeks had already been released on bond. On Sunday, July 24th, officers located Weeks and arrested him again. Both men now stand charged not only with disorderly intoxication for walking around naked, but with felony criminal mishchief as well.

Charge reports: