Lt. Howard Coombs
Public Information Officer

07/29/09   Gulfport Police Officer Evacuates House in Fire.

Gulfport, FL—Officer Danyelle Madsen was patrolling the neighborhood west of the Pasadena Yacht & Country Club this morning when she noticed smoke coming from a house at 6501 Mockingbird Way.  “I saw smoke pouring out of the roof vent,” said Madsen, who has been a police officer with Gulfport for five years.  Thinking that the house was on fire, Officer Madsen did not hesitate; she went inside and found the stove and microwave oven on fire.  After evacuating the resident, who had unsuccessfully tried to put out the flames, Madsen called for assistance from the fire department.  Gulfport firefighters quickly arrived to extinguish the smoldering kitchen fire. Which had two units on the scene an Engine and Command Unit at five minutes total from time of call.

“It’s a good thing she was in the right place at the right time.  Who knows how this could have turned out otherwise,” said Lieutenant Robert Vincent, Madsen’s supervisor.  This reduced the amount of damage to the kitchen and the spread of the fire. The actions kept it contained to the stove top and microwave.

Gulfport police routinely patrol this area, which is situated between the Yacht Club and an unincorporated neighborhood bordering South Pasadena.