Lt. Robert Vincent
Public Information Officer


Gulfport Man Charged With Kidnapping, Sexual Battery

James VanDyke was arrested by Gulfport Police early Tuesday morning, charged with kidnapping and sexual battery.  VanDyke picked up a prostitute in St. Petersburg and brought her back to his Gulfport home where he beat her and sexually assaulted her several times over the course of the afternoon and early evening. 

VanDyke is employed as a technician with a sleep disorder treatment contractor through Bayfront Medical Center.  He was scheduled to work at 9:00 at a facility located at 750 94th Avenue North, but before going to work, he bound and gagged the victim with duct tape and locked the doors to the house.  While VanDyke was at work, the victim broke though a window and made her way to a neighboring house to seek help.

In the mean time, VanDyke left two patients unattended undergoing MRI while he drove back to Gulfport to check on his captive.  Police were waiting, and VanDyke was taken into custody.

The victim, whose name is not being released by police, was in stable condition at a local hospital.

A spokesman for VanDyke’s employer said that there have been no complaints from patients regarding VanDyke.

A photo and additional information is available at this website: