Lt. Howard Coombs
Public Information Officer

Gulfport, – 2620 49 Street South.  At 8:57 p.m.  The Gulfport Police Department responded to multiple calls of shots fired and a person who was hit by one of those rounds. The victim, Donald Price (52) of Gulfport was shot in the head and died from the wound. The suspect, Riley Bryan (67) identified himself as the shooter on a phone call to the dispatcher at the police department. Several witnesses at the scene verified his story.

Riley and Donald were roommates, and there was a disagreement between them which led to Riley getting a gun, and start shooting. It is unknown what the argument was about. There were three other people in the room, including the wife of the victim. Riley was placed under arrest and charged with murder in the first degree. A gun was recovered from the scene and placed into evidence.

The Pinellas County Sheriffs Forensic Unit and the Medical Examiner’s Office processed the scene and removed the body.

This case is currently on going and further developments will be reported.