Lt. Robert Vincent
Public Information Officer


GULFPORT, FL – Detectives arrested Pamela Jean Ewing (50), of St. Petersburg following a sting designed to catch her in the act of stealing valuables from elderly clients.  Ewing, a private housekeeper, was suspected of stealing money and other valuables from a resident in a Gulfport's Town Shores retirement community.  The victim noticed the missing property shortly after Ewing came to clean the condo, so she reported it to police.

Detectives set up a sting, planting marked bills just before Ewing was next scheduled to clean.  They waited outside while Ewing performed her normal services, and when she walked out, detectives called the victim to ask if the money had been stolen.  When the victim confirmed that Ewing had taken the bait, detectives stopped and searched her.  In addition to the marked bills, they found several credit cards belonging to other elderly persons who had employed Ewing.  They also found marijuana and illegal prescription drugs.

Ewing has been charged with the following offenses:

  • Theft
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of a controlled substance

Police are in the process of contacting the other credit card holders to determine if they are also victims.  If so, additional charges may be filed.  Any other persons who may have employed Ewing and suspect she may have stolen property are encouraged to contact Gulfport Police at 893-1030.

Before hiring a housekeeper, police recommend asking for and checking references.  Criminal history information can also be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at the following link: