Sgt. Robert Burkhart
Public Information Officer

12/7/2011 Injury Crashes Significantly Decrease Following Photo Enforcement Program

[Gulfport, FL] – Chief Rob Vincent gave a presentation to the city council last night with statistics regarding the city's red light photo enforcement program, which was implemented in February of this year. The presentation covered the time period from April through October of 2011.

Some of the more noteworthy facts:

  • Total crashes decreased over 26%, and injury crashes decreased over 46% when compared to the same time period in 2010.
  • 3,219 violation notices were issued. Of these, only 349 were to owners of vehicles registered in Gulfport.
  • 72% of the notices were for straight -thru violations. Only 21% were for right turn violations.
  • After payments to the service provider and to the state of Florida, Gulfport retained $41,884 in collected fines.
  • Approximate costs for personnel resources used to implement the program: $8,400

The Power Point presentation can be downloaded by clcking here.