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Rumor of weapons on campus initiates a lockdown at Boca Ciega High School

Gulfport, Florida  On 5/19/11, at approximately 8:15 a.m., Boca Ciega High School Resource Officer Steven Beltran received a call from the School Resource Officer at Gibbs High School advising of information he received regarding Boca Ciega High.  There was an incident that occurred off campus yesterday involving several students who lived in the same neighborhood in St. Petersburg.  The information indicated that a student and his brother were either on campus, or were on their way to Boca Ciega High campus to look for another student and that they were possibly armed with weapons.  Upon receiving the information SRO Beltran advised school administrators that the school needed to be locked down to make sure the subjects in question were not on campus.  After locking down the campus and ensuring all students were in secure classrooms, SRO Beltran along with several Officers from Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Schools Police Department conducted and slow methodical search of the campus.  The student who was the target was removed from class and his parents were notified.  The student was picked up and removed from campus by his parents.  No weapons or trespassers were found on campus or the surrounding areas during the search.  This took approximately one hour to finish and then we lifted the lock down and allowed students to resume their regular day.