Response to Resistance--Written Directive #101

Note that our directive is not titled "Use of Force."  Our title more accurately reflects the reason why force must be employed, which is as a response to resistance encountered in the lawful performance of duty.
Written Directive 101.203 

The officer shall exert no more force than is reasonably necessary to apprehend a fleeing felon, and shall use deadly force as a last resort and only under authorized use as outlined in this policy.

Written Directive 101.211 

Officers may discharge their firearms in connection with the performance of official duties, for the following reasons:

a. To defend themselves or others from death or great bodily harm, when all other means of defense have failed and the officer reasonably believes that the action is necessary.
"Our policy is such because we consider human life our highest value.  It is restrictive because it should be.  In a free society, it is incumbent on the police to balance their power with accountability."

--G. Curt Willocks, former chief of police
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