Every year, employees of the City of Gulfport volunteer in various activities to raise funds for the American Cancer Society through its Relay for Life program.  One of these events is an annual softball game in which the Public Safety Department team up against employees from the rest of the city.  This year's game was held on March 20th at the Gulfport Recreation Center.  Unfortunately, the other team was triumphant, scoring 18 runs to our 8!  

Relay for Life proceeds from the softball game were over $225, thanks in large part to the sale of hot dogs grilled up by Chief Willocks.

Even though we were not victorious on the field, the fun and the support of the good cause made everybody a winner in this event.  

If you would like to support the Relay for Life, visit their web page at http://www.relayforlife.org/relay
Softball Game

Explorers working concessions.
Tom Adams pitching
Mike Worthington at bat
Rich Lehr at bat
Mike Vandenberg at bat
Tom Adams at bat
Mike Worthington fielding
Katelyn Latragna--the game's best fan.
Jesse Kellington at bat
Tom Woodman at bat
Another fan!
Somebody loves baseball.
Jim O'Reilly at bat
O'Reilly on third base.
Katelyn again!
Billy Mack and Dan Carpenter--fielders conference
Francine Whitten doesn't want her picture taken.
"Chef" Willocks.
Rich Lehr and Jesse Kellington fielders' conference
Mary Farrand at bat
Umpire's perspective
Rich Lehr-shortstop
Steve Beltran--left field
Scoring a run
Pete Horning running for first.
Explorers working concessions.
Rob Vincent at bat
Ready to swing
Strike One!
Tom Woodman with a hit
Steve Beltran at bat
Beltran with a hit
Mike Vandenberg on first
Steve Beltran--2nd base
Jim O'Reilly at bat
Mary Farrand at bat
Dan Carpenter--left center
Tom Adams at bat
Tom Adams "sliding" into first.
Zach Mills at bat
Steve Beltran at bat
Coast Guard flyover
Jesse Kellington ready to run for 2nd.