Officer Peter Horning, representing Bike Patrol 
Officer Jason Motte, School Resource Officer for Boca Ciega High School
Officer Tom Woodman, representing Marine Patrol
Officer Steve Beltran, School Resource Officer for Boca Ciega High School
Detective Hanh Pham, representing the Investigative Services Division
Accreditation Static Display
April 8, 2009

Assessment Team:

Deputy Chief Joe Hall, Panama City Police Department
Sergeant Bruce Clark, Mount Dora Police Department
Eric Watters, Miramar Police Department

The assessment team preparing to meet members of city staff
Chief Robert Vincent introducing the assessment team to city staff
Sergeant Michael Vandenberg briefing assessors
Assessors interviewing Detective Hanh Pham
Mayor Mike Yakes speaking with assessors
Assessors interviewing Officer Steve Beltran
Accreditation Manager, Sergeant Mary Farrand
Assessors inspecting the Marine Patrol Unit
City Manager, James O'Reilly, talking to Officer Tom Woodman
Assessors interviewing Officer Peter Horning about bicycle operations
The Mayor and City Manager discussing the static display
Discussing the new Dodge Charger  with Officer Jason Motte
Mr. Jim O'Reilly conversing with Det. Hanh Pham
Group shot with assessors