Uniform Patrol
One Lieutenant, four Sergeants and sixteen Officers comprise the patrol force, and together, they provide patrol coverage 24-hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year for the City of Gulfport. 
Our philosophy is community policing meaning that each officer has a vested interest in working to solve problems and develop police and community partnerships.  For this reason, Officers engage in many various activities, such as frequent foot patrols where they can spend time discussing issues with residents and businesses.
Many of our officers also choose to work on the bicycle or police boat.
Florida police jobs
Alpha Squad (day shift)

Sergeant Matthew Parks
Zone # 1:vacant
Zone # 2 Officer Nicita
Zone # 3 Officer Millls
Zone # 4 Officer Cavanah

Patrol officers work twelve hour shifts, so there is always one squad on duty. Detectives and command staff members often supplement the patrol squads as well. The squad assignments are listed below. Click on any name to send an e-mail. Click here for a zone map.
Bravo Squad (day shift)

Sergeant Michael Vandenberg
Zone # 1 vacant
Zone # 2 Officer Novak
Zone # 3 Officer Marshall
Zone # 4 Officer Wodraska

Charlie Squad (night shift)

Sergeant Robert Burkhart
Zone # 1 vacant
Zone # 2 Officer Obrart
Zone # 3 Officer Embry 
Zone # 4 Officer Iwanowski

Delta Squad (night shift)

Sergeant Michael Marotta
Zone # 1 vacant
Zone # 2 Officer Randazzo
Zone # 3 Officer Priest
Zone # 4 Officer Lavigne

Gulfport Police Department

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